• Image of Balance: Levelling Solid Oil & Body Massage Travel Companion

Featuring Neroli & Grapefruit

For face, neck, hair, nails - wherever you need it.
To release the nourishing rich raw plant oils and butters, rub your Solid Oil between your palms. The surface of the Solid Oil will slowly melt, while releasing the powerful blend of essential oils. By placing your Solid Oil back into the cool, dry container it will become a solid again.

Suggested ideas for use:

Massage the rich oil into your face, neck, skin, dry hair ends using your hands.

Using the Solid Oil straight from the tin, massage your palms, fingers, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, tummy etc.

The Solid Oil will slowly melt and glide it's way through your stressed areas.

Using your fingers, place a little under your nose so the aromas fill your senses, helping to ease emotional tensions.